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I love having students from different cultures attend my classses. They tell such interesting stories about places and experiences I’ve only read about in general terms in school textbooks. My students’ stories are far more powerful and engaging, however, because they capture the individual experience in personal terms. The narrative that follows is one such example. Lillian Lejeune, a Belgian who […]

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If you read this blog occasionally, you know I encourage my students and readers to submit their stories to writing competitions. Some contests want narrative essay pieces, which can be a form of personal history. My students often wonder what a narrative essay is and how it differs from a story. It’s a good question, […]


Having the Courage to Write with Emotional Honesty

by Memoir Mentor on September 21, 2010

I just finished reading Mary Karr’s Lit, a memoir I admire as much as The Liars Club, her earlier bestselling memoir. Her latest book chronicles her descent into alcohol addiction and then shows how good friends help her cast aside her life-long atheism to embrace a faith that turns her life around. The book is […]