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Kathleen Anderson

Got Politics on Your Mind? Why Not Write about It?

by Memoir Mentor on October 11, 2012

I‘m as involved in the presidential election as most of you, maybe more. I can’t wait to read the newspaper each morning to see what the polls say. I also get my news from the Internet, particularly Google News. It’s updated every few minutes, so I don’t have to wait for the morning paper. Things […]


Kathleen Anderson’s Story Shows Why Details Matter

by Memoir Mentor on March 8, 2010

Writing books tell you it’s all in the details. It’s true. We make our stories more vivid, compelling–and real–with descriptions that include concrete, specific details. “I noticed a dented, blue Chevy parked in the driveway” is more interesting than “I noticed an old car in the driveway.” Or how about  spiffing up “I waited an hour at the […]

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