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Remembering Gene Hensley, a Writer Who Inspired Us All

by Memoir Mentor on December 16, 2010

She walked into my class about eight years ago, Gene and her daughter, Mia. Gene was in her mid-eighties then, and she wanted to enroll in one of my memoir writing classes. “I think she belongs in your advanced class,” Mia said. “She’s pretty good.” Little did I know just how good. When she read […]


Having the Courage to Write with Emotional Honesty

by Memoir Mentor on September 21, 2010

I just finished reading Mary Karr’s Lit, a memoir I admire as much as The Liars Club, her earlier bestselling memoir. Her latest book chronicles her descent into alcohol addiction and then shows how good friends help her cast aside her life-long atheism to embrace a faith that turns her life around. The book is […]


Hal Prange’s Nostalgic Look at Leaving Arkansas

by Memoir Mentor on March 22, 2010

How often have we taken an action knowing at the time that our lives will never be the same? Nevertheless, we step into the future, out of bravery, adventure, necessity, sacrifice, love–or a combination of these motives. Hal Prange’s account of his parents’ decision to leave their Arkansas roots to follow their kids to California captures the […]