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What Will You Do on Your Summer Vacation?

by Memoir Mentor on May 17, 2010

My spring classes ended last week, setting my students adrift until fall without weekly writing nudges from me. Whatever will they do with all that free time this summer? I feel a bit like a hand-wringing parent who has just sent her daughter off to college for the first time. Maybe a reminder letter from […]


It’s May, the month we honor the mothers in our lives. When we think of our moms, some of us naturally picture her in the kitchen, elbow deep in flour, making one of her mouth-watering dishes. But not all moms were adept in the culinary arts, as Roz Nelson reminds us in this heart-warming story. While […]


This week’s student story was written by Pamela Jones, a talented writer who has attended my class for some time.  Pamela was raised during the fifties and early sixties by a Methodist minister father and a cultured, intelligent mother who stressed education and personal achievement. In this delightful story, Pamela re-creates a cherished memory, her family’s annual two-week vacation to the New […]