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Writing about People

Roz Nelson’s Story Shows How Details Make a Difference

by Memoir Mentor on February 19, 2011

The story below was a big hit with students in my Wednesday class last week. During our critiquing period, people mentioned how much they admired how Roz Nelson brought her characters to life with specific details. As you read the story, notice how she focuses on individualizing characteristics that make her people feel real. At […]


Writing about Adversity: Don’t Be Adverse to It

by Memoir Mentor on February 13, 2011

We all have those hard stories we have to face–writing about lost jobs, broken marriages, wayward children, the death of loved ones, serious illnesses, terrible mistakes that still haunt us. It’s not easy to write such stories because we’re forced to re-visit those painful times and describe them in detail. Why bring back all those […]


Fiction Techniques Can Enliven a Travel Story

by Memoir Mentor on October 18, 2010

Sally Ramer has attended my class for a couple of years, and I always enjoy her stories. Born in England and now living in Orange County, Sally is an experienced writer and has published several books of poetry. She brings her poet’s eye and gift for sensory language to memoir, and her stories shine because of it. Notice in […]