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Writing about People

Many of us grew up in families where an important part of childhood revolved around going to church and living the tenets of a particular religion. You may have memories about attending church, and it’s likely that upbringing has stayed with you to some extent and still influences your spiritual life. Or you may have […]

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My maternal grandparents and four of their children immigrated to the United States from Lanarkshire, Scotland, in 1922. My grandfather, William Miller, was a coal miner, the son and grandson of coal miners. Times were hard in Scotland in the early 1920s, with frequent mining strikes chipping away at my grandfather’s efforts to make a […]


My mother recently told me she didn’t think she’d be driving much longer. Her health has declined, and I’ve worried about her safety behind the wheel, but I’ve been reluctant to broach this sensitive subject with her. It’s difficult to acknowledge that we can no longer do what we once found easy. My mother complains […]