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Easy Ways to Begin Your Personal History

by Memoir Mentor on January 25, 2011

The thought of sitting down at my computer and writing my entire life story from birth-to-now makes me want to take a nap. It’s not that I don’t think writing a personal history is important: You know I do. It’s my current raison d’être, after all. Nevertheless, I would NEVER counsel anyone to approach personal [...]


Are You Still a Two-Space Holdout? Better Get with It!

by Memoir Mentor on January 18, 2011

Most of my students learned to type on typewriters long before computer keyboards were developed. High school typing classes taught us to space twice between sentences. There is a reason for this: typewriters use monospace type, with every letter occupying the same amount of horizontal space. As a result, monotype text has an uneven look [...]


I love having students from different cultures attend my classses. They tell such interesting stories about places and experiences I’ve only read about in general terms in school textbooks. My students’ stories are far more powerful and engaging, however, because they capture the individual experience in personal terms. The narrative that follows is one such example. Lillian Lejeune, a Belgian who [...]

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