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Student Stories

Why I Love What I Do

by Memoir Mentor on March 10, 2011

When I tell people about my job teaching students how to write their personal histories, I usually add, “I love what I do.” It’s true. I delight in helping people create a tangible record of their lives–a gift that will be cherished and lovingly passed through the generations. That is reason enough to love what […]


My mother recently told me she didn’t think she’d be driving much longer. Her health has declined, and I’ve worried about her safety behind the wheel, but I’ve been reluctant to broach this sensitive subject with her. It’s difficult to acknowledge that we can no longer do what we once found easy. My mother complains […]


Roz Nelson’s Story Shows How Details Make a Difference

by Memoir Mentor on February 19, 2011

The story below was a big hit with students in my Wednesday class last week. During our critiquing period, people mentioned how much they admired how Roz Nelson brought her characters to life with specific details. As you read the story, notice how she focuses on individualizing characteristics that make her people feel real. At […]