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Writing about Your Religious Upbringing: Part 2

by Memoir Mentor on June 29, 2011

I recently wrote a post about the importance of writing about the religious culture in your home if it was integral to your upbringing. I included a wonderful story from Jeanne Fobes  as an example of one approach to the topic. You can find it here. I’ve posted below a story written by my student […]

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Many of us grew up in families where an important part of childhood revolved around going to church and living the tenets of a particular religion. You may have memories about attending church, and it’s likely that upbringing has stayed with you to some extent and still influences your spiritual life. Or you may have […]

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We all have moments of pride and jubilation we’ll never forget. I’m thinking of those “Red Letter Days” of accomplishment or plain old good fortune when we graduate from high school or college, win an award, become a parent or grandparent, get that new job, or buy our first car or house. This week’s story […]