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Student Stories

Pat Milligan’s “Case of the Glamorous Visitor”

by Memoir Mentor on February 29, 2012

My spring teaching term began last week, and what a joy it is to be back in the classroom with a lively group of senior-age students dedicated to writing stories about all the interesting things they’ve seen and done during their long and fruitful lives. Pat Milligan hit the ground running in the first class […]

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The Magic of Mood: Molly Shelton Shows Us How

by Memoir Mentor on December 9, 2011

Thinking about incidents from my past I may write about brings up emotions associated with those experiences. When I write a story about an event in my life, it’s as important that I communicate how the incident made me feel as it is that I describe what happened. One way to accomplish this is to […]

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A Time for Thanks

by Memoir Mentor on November 21, 2011

It’s a time for thanks. For parents who love unconditionally. For challenges that teach us what’s important and help us reach for the best in ourselves. For teachers who seek out the needy and give them a chance to shine. For the needy who radiate hope and happiness despite their disadvantages and inspire us all […]