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A Halloween Story

by Memoir Mentor on October 29, 2010

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped anyone that Halloween has become a BIG HOLIDAY, comparable in some ways to Christmas in the percentage of store space devoted to decorations and assorted costume paraphernalia. I recently stopped at one of those temporary Halloween stores that spring up this time of the year in commercial buildings vacated by [...]


My Little Blue Beauty: A Good Luck Story

by Memoir Mentor on October 16, 2010

I flew to Salt Lake City this weekend to give presentations at a conference hosted by the Utah Chapter of the Association of Personal Historians. Before leaving California, I went online to Expedia to rent a car for the four days I would be in Utah. I picked out a cheap, no-frills compact offered by Budget [...]


Writing Family History: Look for the Whole Picture

by Memoir Mentor on October 4, 2010

When writing family history, it’s difficult to create a realistic picture of people long gone. Genealogy data reveals little about how people looked, moved, or talked, or what strengths and weaknesses shaped their lives. Then there’s family pride. Absent any evidence to the contrary, we tend to idealize our forebears. We want them to be [...]

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