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SCGS Jamboree Update

by Memoir Mentor on February 16, 2009

Southern California folks interested in attending the annual Jamboree sponsored by the Southern California Genealogy Society should check out their blog dedicated specifically to the Jamboree. Go to You’ll find everything you need to know in an easily accessible format. This year’s Jamboree is scheduled for June 26-28 at the Marriott Hotel in Burbank. [...]


Want to know the best way to start thinking of your subject’s life as a story? Put any information you have about her into a chronology, or timeline, similar to the one below I created for my great-great-grandmother. It’s fairly simple to create one in WORD or WordPerfect using the Table tool. Once you build [...]

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How do you take the names, dates, and places on your pedigree charts and turn them into an interesting story that breathes life into people and re-creates the times in which they lived? It’s not easy, particularly if your subjects have passed on. However, it can be done, and with great success, and your family [...]

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