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Hook Your Readers from the Get-Go

by Memoir Mentor on June 1, 2009

I just returned from a week in Illinois, where I attended a conference in Springfield and had the good fortune to visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. It was fabulous. I have been to a number of presidential libraries, but none so beautiful, interesting, and inspiring.  You should all put it on your “Places I […]


Turn Genealogy Data into an Interesting Story: Part 3

by Memoir Mentor on March 15, 2009

In previous blogs I’ve discussed some of the first steps you need to follow to transform genealogy data (names, dates, and places) into a family history that breathes life into those people, places, and events and tells an interesting story. This is not an easy project, but if you’re interested in family history, you likely […]


Your Favorite Writing Books?

by Memoir Mentor on December 1, 2008

Before ending my fall teaching term, I recommended three books my students should put on their Christmas wish list. Some of you may have children or grandchildren who are looking for something to buy you that fits within a limited budget. Why not suggest a writing book or a memoir to keep you inspired to […]

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