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Organizing Your Family History? Consider this Model

by Memoir Mentor on November 14, 2009

If you’re looking for different ways to organize and write a family history about ancestors long gone, here’s a review of an interesting book that may give you some ideas about how to balance historical facts and family story. _______________________________ CNBC news anchor Bill Griffeth received an email from a cousin inquiring whether he had any […]


Thank You, Frank McCourt

by Memoir Mentor on July 21, 2009

I’ve thought a lot about Frank McCourt and his engaging memoir Angela’s Ashes since hearing of his unexpected death yesterday. McCourt published Angela’s Ashes the same year I finished the family history of my Scottish grandparents. Until writing that book I hadn’t paid much attention to the memoir genre. Frankly, I can’t remember reading a […]

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How Oprah Saved My Life

by Memoir Mentor on June 15, 2009

If the title of this post snagged your attention, good! It was meant to. Actually, I fudged a bit on the truth here…for effect. It really wasn’t Oprah who saved my life, but Oprah’s magazine, and it was my writing life, not my life life. To be specific, it’s the July issue that worked the magic on me, […]