Your Favorite Writing Books?

by Memoir Mentor on December 1, 2008

Before ending my fall teaching term, I recommended three books my students should put on their Christmas wish list. Some of you may have children or grandchildren who are looking for something to buy you that fits within a limited budget. Why not suggest a writing book or a memoir to keep you inspired to finish your writing project?

I have several bookshelves packed with writing books of various kinds, but I continue to buy more because they motivate me to keep writing and teach me new ways of looking at a writing project. I put a list of memoirs and autobiographies I admire for their good writing on my website– Click on “Writing Tools” and you’ll find it. You’ll also find a variety of writing books I continue to find useful.

So, what three books did I recommend–besides my own, that is?

  • Anne LaMott’s Bird by Bird
  • Natalie Goldberg’s Old Friend from Far Away
  • Tristine Ranier’s Your Life as Story

You won’t go wrong with any of these. You’ll find the first two easier reading, and maybe more motivating, but you’ll learn a lot from Ranier’s book about how to find the STORY in all the various elements of your life.

What writing books and memoirs have you found useful? My children and grandchildren are looking for some gift ideas for ME. If you get a moment, leave a comment with your gift suggestions.

Happy reading!

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1 Lisa December 27, 2008 at 1:01 pm

Hello Dawn –

Thanks for the recommendations. I enjoy your blog and look forward to more of your good advice in 2009.

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